Frank Wiles

Web Developer – Operations – Entrepreneur

I'm the founder of REVSYS. An efficiency nerd specializing in performance and scalability of systems. I unclog your Internet tubes and fix your business processes.

About Frank

Husband. Father. Internet Plumber. Tech Author. Amateur Photographer. Decent Cook.

Photo of Frank Wiles' family

Internet and efficiency expert by day, father and husband by night.

Spend my days working on complex software development, operations, and business problem consulting. Usually web based and often using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and Kubernetes based infrastructure.

In the evenings, I focus on my amazing family and friends. Between the two I'm constantly busy, but never bored.


Random thoughts on tech and life.


Lets just try it

The consequences of casually implementing changes in a work process with a "let's just try it" mindset. Discerning changes which are measurably positive or widely accepted by your team.


The Napkin Plan

A techinque to avoid prematurely optimizing your code and architecture.


Break the Glass

Allow employees to get emergency elevated credentials safely and accountably

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