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I'm the President and Founder of REVSYS. We help companies build effective and efficient web based software products. We specialize in developing and scaling with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, ReactJS and Kubernetes

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Django Software Foundation

Since 2016 I have had the pleasure of serving as President of the Django Software Foundation. The DSF is the non-profit software foundation behind Django. We help protect and further Django around the globe.

The DSF helps raise money to support meetups, pay for various bits of infrastructure like servers, and pays the Django Fellows to work on Django itself.

Past Work / Projects

I used to work at a company named Sunflower Broadband, located in Lawrence, KS and owned by the company that originally created Django. Lawrence was the second city in the United States to offer cable modems way back in 1996. People sometimes wonder why I never migrated to a coast or one of the larger tech hub cities, but in many ways Lawrence WAS one of those cities.

While there we built one of the early CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) provisioning systems. Entirely with Perl, a customized DHCP server, and other bits of Open Source. It provided much better reliablity and features than any of the very few commercial options on offer at the time.

I also innovated a way to shard email hosting for our 40+k email accounts using off the shelf Open Source such as Sendmail and Dovecot. This allowed us to provide POP3/IMAP email services to our customers spread across commodity hardware without sacrificing performance. This technique was eventually written up in the now defunct SysAdmin Magazine.

We also were one of the first Cable ISPs to implement bandwidth based billing, a technique we used to help keep our costs and pricing lower for the 95+% of users who weren't trying to archive all of Usenet.

And I'm probably forgetting about a half dozen other interesting projects I was fortunuate enough to be a part of. Between these and bouncing around to help the companies other business units in print publishing, online publishing, and broadcast TV I often joke the experience was like getting a Master's Degree in consulting.