OSX El Capitan USB Audio Issue

14 April 2016

Does your USB Audio devices sometimes just cut out and stop working causing things like Spotify and YouTube videos to stop playing completely?

The Listeners Movie

21 March 2016

A documentary about HQCC where I used to be a Board Member

Django Template Variable or Else

09 March 2016

Easy way to display a Django template variable or show a default value.

Wagtail InlinePanel TypeError

01 March 2016

If you've been using Wagtail for awhile, this is an easy problem to run into but a hard one to find the solution to. TypeError: getattr(): attribute name must be string at related = getattr(model, self.relation_name).rel

Kansas Legislature Website Problems

22 January 2016

Kansas Legislature Website is unusable in Chrome. A browser with over 50% of marketshare.

The day I did something

29 November 2015

Frank discusses the specific steps he used to get ready to work for himself. Not necessarily a plan, but more a history of what worked for him.

Rebuild Sphinx Docs Automatically + Live Reload

16 September 2015

Working on a lot of Sphinx documentation? This PyPI module helps auto-rebuild your docs and includes livereload so you can more quickly see your changes.

Suicide by the numbers

13 September 2015

Suicide and other mental health problems are higher in tech workers than many other fields, yet we seem to recognize and do less than most professions.

Ubuntu apt Hash Sum Mismatch

04 December 2014

How to fix getting hash sum mismatch error when using apt-get

carbon-cache supervisord FATAL start

10 November 2014

Why carbon-cache having a 'FATAL start' with supervisor, isn't really an error.

Interviewed about on

30 April 2014

Interview with Frank Wiles, CEO - on CrazyEngineers

OSX Shell Clearing Tip

10 April 2014

Handy shell tip for clearing the display without losing the current command you're typing.

Configuring Mailgun with SaltStack

02 April 2014

Quick HOWTO on setting up Mailgun with SaltStack

Government Tech Contracts

15 January 2014

Rant on how bad our government contracts have gotten.

SaltStack and multiple pip requirements files

04 November 2013

Using multiple pip requirements files with SaltStack

Easy Crontab Mistake

07 May 2013

A super easy mistake to make when working with a crontab file