Kansas Legislature Website Problems

Being an intelligent person in Kansas is hard these days. I’m constantly teased by peers over the backward nature of my state’s government. So today, while trying to find email contact info for these asshats, I was not terribly shocked to find the Kansas Legislature website is pretty much broken when using Google Chrome.

Here’s what it looks like:

Screenshot 1

As a web developer I truly, deeply, understand the work involved with making a site that works with lots of different browsers. Modern programming tools and CSS Framework help a lot and I don’t normally even report small browser issues as they are small.

This issue however, makes the site nearly unusable and it’s for a browser that is used by 50% of the world.

For comparison purposes here is what the site looks like in Safari and Firefox:

Screenshot 2

Kansas can’t seem to do anything right these days!

Update: January 2019

This is STILL an issue with their website 3 years later. Geez! And now Chrome’s marketshare is closer to 65%

Posted 22 January 2016